Separation for Composting

Organic matter from food waste is a rich source of feedstock for biogas, fertilisers and composting.

The waste needs to be removed from its packaging before being processed.

Shredding or crushing is not an efficient solution due to contamination of the recovered product with packaging and a high percentage of product remained with the separated packaging. This results in the product requiring sifting further before being able to move on to the following process. These poor efficiencies result in higher recovered packaging weights which increased landfill or recycling costs. Emptying the packaging by hand is slow, costly and has health and safety implications.

The Turbo Separator is designed to separate a wide range of packaging from its contents achieving up to 99% separation efficiency. Its paddles inflict the minimal amount of damage to the packaging to achieve maximum clean, separation efficiency.

The Turbo Separator is capable of efficiently separating materials without the need for liquid to be added, which is an advantage for dry processes such as composting applications.

Case Studies