Separation for Animal Feed

The Atritor Turbo Separator is proven technology for removing wrapping from bread, cakes, cereals and other baked products in preparation for its use in animal feed.

Used by several large companies as well as individual farmers, the Turbo Separator de-packaging machine is designed to separate a wide range of packaging from its contents with up to 99% efficiency. The system separates the full range of soft packaging from bread in bags, to ready meals shrink wrapped on polymer trays.

The system is capable of being mounted either indoors or outdoors.

Atritor supply the complete system including in-feed conveyor, empty packaging conveyor, and recovered material conveyor or pumping system. The Turbo Separator de-packaging Machine is mounted on an access platform and includes controls housed in a floor mounted panel.

The Turbo Separator is capable of efficiently separating materials without the need for liquid to be added, which is an advantage for dry processes such as animal feed applications.

Case Studies