Built to de-package heavily contaminated materials

The TS42 THOR was developed to separate contaminated packaged materials.

The shell is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, the thickness of which ranges from 15mm to 25mm depending on the in-feed material requirements. The TS42 THOR is fitted with swing paddles which protect the machine from damage caused by foreign objects that have inadvertently entered the separation chamber with the in-feed material.

The first system was installed in 2019 at an anaerobic digestion plant.

Motor power 75 kW
Throughput 20,000 kg/h (material-dependent)
Typical materials Kitchen food waste, vegetables, beans, cigarettes, deodorants, processed meats, soups, beverages, coleslaw, detergents, pasta, potato chips, snack foods, sugar, biscuits, coffee, gravy granules, pet foods, powdered milk, tea, baby foods, cosmetics, flavourings, household products, water, pharmaceuticals, juices, cereals, custard, sauces, flour, yoghurt, soap power, shampoo, oil, paint, plasterboard and many more…
Typical packaging Tin cans, plastic bottles, soft packaging, aluminium cans, sachets, Pouches, polymer bags, paper bags, boxed products, Tetra Paks, plastic containers, trays, blister packs, tubes, cartons, plastic jars, cardboard containers, tea bags