The original Turbo Separator first built to separate tea from tea bags and medium-sized packaged supermarket food waste

The TS1696 is the original model Turbo Separator, initially developed over 25 years ago for a major food manufacturer who was having problems with wrongly packaged, damaged and failed-quality packaged food stuffs being fraudulently sold after it left the factory.

The TS1696 opened the packaging and separated it from the contents allowing the packaging to be recycled and the contents used for animal feed, which reduced their factory disposal costs.

Motor power 11 kW
Throughput 1,500 kg/h (material-dependent)
Typical materials Vegetables, beans, cigarettes, deodorants, processed meats, soups, beverages, coleslaw, detergents, pasta, potato chips, snack foods, sugar, biscuits, coffee, gravy granules, pet foods, powdered milk, tea, baby foods, cosmetics, flavourings, household products, water, pharmaceuticals, juices, cereals, custard, sauces, flour, yoghurt, soap power, shampoo, oil, paint, plasterboard and many more…
Typical packaging Plastic bottles, soft packaging, sachets, pouches, polymer bags, paper bags, Tetra Paks, plastic containers, trays, blister packs, tubes, cartons, plastic jars, cardboard containers, tea bags