Separation for Green Energy

As the green energy industry has developed and grown, the Atritor Turbo Separator has become the workhorse for recovering packaged food content for waste-to-energy applications. Its design, durability and strength combine to give a one-step process to remove valuable organic food waste from its packaging with up to 99% efficiency for biomethane production.

Avoiding shredding or damage to the packaging any more than necessary means that plastics are kept out of the tanks clean and plastics clear of fraction. The efficiency of the separation means that secondary processing is not required, reducing energy consumption.

A good example of this is Langage AD in the South West of England which uses the Atritor Turbo Separator to provide feedstock for its waste to energy AD plant which supplies electricity and heat for its quality dairy products factory, biofertilizer for its farmland to grow forage for its milk herd and surplus electricity for up to 500 homes.

Case Studies