Separation for Anaerobic Digestion

The Turbo Separator, designed and supplied by Atritor for 30 years, initially began as a robust machine to quickly remove larger quantities of contents from their packaging for secure destruction. As the AD industry developed and grew, the Atritor Turbo Separator become the workhorse for recovering packaged food content for waste-to-energy applications. Its design, durability and strength combine to give a one-step process to remove valuable organic food waste from its packaging with up to 99% efficiency for biomethane production.

Avoiding shredding or damage to the packaging any more than necessary means that plastics are kept out of the tanks clean and plastics clear of fraction. The efficiency of the separation means that secondary processing is not required, reducing energy consumption.

It is designed to keep maintenance straightforward and low cost, and keep and downtime to a minimum.

The Turbo Separator is available in a variety of sizes according to throughput requirements, from 3,000 to 20,000 kg per hour.

Case Studies