Built to de-package small packaged materials

The TS1260 was developed with two major tea manufacturers who needed a clean and efficient way of removing tea from bags, allowing it to be reintroduced into the packing lines or blending halls with minimum disruption.

One of the manufacturers required the TS1260s to be mounted next to the individual packing lines to allow the recovered tea to be transported directly from the TS1260 back into the packaging machines' feed hopper, eliminating any chance of cross-contamination.

Since the introduction of the TS1260 into our product line-up, several TS1260s have been sold for tea, flavour cubes and single-service sachets applications.

Motor power 3 kW
Throughput 600 kg/h (material-dependent)
Typical materials Tea, coffee, sugar, salt, herbs, flavourings, additives, tableted materials
Typical packaging Single serve pouches, sachets, flavour cube wrappings, blister packs, lens cases, tea bags