Gypsum Recovery for Recycling

Plasterboard/Gypsum Recovery


Due to the changes in restrictions and the increase in the cost of landfill, the Gypsum Industry is looking for an alternative to handle the estimated 50,000,000m² of new build plasterboard waste generated every year.



Plasterboard due for Separation


Backing after Separation












The traditional way of separating gypsum from its backing is to use hammer mills, in conjunction with sieves, which is costly and generates a high proportion of dust.


Atritor offers reprocessing solutions for unwanted, damaged and scrap materials.


The Atritor Turbo Separator Gypsum Recovery System is ideal for use in the separation of gypsum from the cardboard and paper backing. The Turbo Separator separates the gypsum using centrifugal force, air flow and mechanical action and is capable of achieving separation rates of up to 99%. The process significantly reduces waste disposal costs, enabling both the gypsum and backing materials to be recycled in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.


The paddles for separating plasterboard are a mixture of breaker paddles, to reduce the size and large paddles, to generate the air velocity required to separate the backing.


The Turbo Separator is fitted with a variable speed drive to enhance efficiency. The system is capable of being mounted either in doors or out doors.


Atritor supply the complete system gypsum recovery including in-feed conveyor, empty packaging conveyor, and recovered material conveyor or pumping system. The Turbo Separator is mounted on an access platform and includes controls housed in a floor mounted panel.