A Tea Reclaim solution from Atritor – A tea brand’s success story

How Atritor and a leading UK tea company collaborated to introduce a unique solution to a decades old problem.

What is ‘reclaiming tea’?
The company had always generated a significant quantity of tea bags that, for various reasons, needed to be repacked. Because their tea bag packing lines were automated this meant that they needed to remove the tea from the tea bags and put it back in again at the start of the process.
The dilemma
Their previous tea bag separator was old, slow, labour intensive and inefficient. It was struggling to keep up with their requirements
and was wasting thousands of pounds of tea per year due to failing to extract all the tea from the tea bags.
The solution
After assessing all the options available, their project team selected a ‘turbo separator’ from Atritor, experts in reclaim field. In order to ensure that this new machine delivered the best possible results and was optimised for their processes, the design of the system was collaboration between their engineers and Atritor.
The success
After commissioning in January 2016, the tea company has reported that new tea bag separating system is over four times faster, far less labour intensive, safer, protects their high quality teas and overall is far more efficient. The new machine is forecast to save the business over £50,000, whilst also enabling associated processes to speed up, saving further time and money. It is anticipated that the whole system will pay for itself with 18 months.
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