The Scandinavian Choice

TurboSeparator-Sweden-2015 (005)
Atritor Turbo Separator Scandinavian representitive, Erik Skoglund writes: ‘In Scandinavia there are today a number of Turbo Separator systems in use across the region. The system is becoming a more and more popular choice as customers find out about the benefits of the Turbo Separator technology: the low investment costs; low energy use and low wear and tear parts costs.

The Turbo Separator technology is the most cost efficient solution giving the plant owner two very clean streams of product i.e. both the organic and the packaging material or bags (RDF) can be very clean, thanks to the proprietary technology of the Turbo Separator. The systems in Scandinavia are used for both supermarket waste and for organic food waste in bags, in order to separate the dry or wet organic fraction from packaging or bags.’

For more information contact Prominova AB, Sweden, Phone: +46 (0)31 760 60 16, Mobile: +46 (0)705 28 53 90