The Turbo Separator is designed to depackage food stuffs unpacking the contents releasing the depackaged organics for energy generation, animal feed, rendering or composting.


The Turbo-Separator depackaging machine also separates hotel, restaurant food and kerbside collection food waste.


The Turbo Separator performs the task of a tin can de-packaging machine, polymer bottle separation equipment, supermarket food waste depackaging machine, soft packaging separation equipment and is capable of separating gypsum from plasterboard.


A number of Turbo Separator packaged food separator systems have been supplied for anaerobic digestion applications to de-pack packaged food waste and kitchen food waste separating the organics for digester feed stock.


Turbo Separator depackaging systems have been supplied to numerous industries including Supermarkets, Green Energy, Renderers, Animal feed Manufacturers, Secure destruction, Bio Diesel Manufacturers, Composters, Ethanol Manufacturers and Plasterboard Recyclers.


Atritor Limited have been designing and supplying process equipment and spoke systems for over 90 years.


The Turbo Separator

TS3096-Turbo-Separator-with-Caterpiller-In-Feed-ConveyorAtritor’s Coventry test facility is equipped with a Turbo Separator model TS2096 unpacking system which is available to conduct customer product trials.

Supermarket Waste

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Packaged supermarket food waste, when separated releases the contents for use as a feed stock to produce gas when digested which is then used as a fuel to produce electricity or for a fertiliser when composted or animal feed if it contains no animal by-products. The separated packaging can either be recycled of used as a solid fuel (RDF).

Kitchen Waste


Kitchen, hotel and restaurant food waste is a good source of feed stock for anaerobic digestion plants or composting applications when separated.

Tinned Products

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Canned packaged materials, when separated releases the metals for recycling and the contents for green energy production, animal feed or composting.

Soft Packaging

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Many products are packed in soft packaging. The Turbo Separator is a fast and efficient way of separating the contents from its packaging releasing it to be used for animal feed, green energy production or composting.

Cereal Products

Test CaptionWaste cereal products have been a rich source of nutritious and cost effective animal feed. The difficulty has been in separating the cereal from its packaging. Shredding or crushing was not an efficient solution, due to contamination of the recovered cereal with packaging. A high percentage of cereal remained with the separated packaging.

Plastic Bottles

Test CaptionLiquid separation from plastic containers by hand is slow and time consuming. Shredding or crushing is not an efficient solution due to contamination of the recovered liquids

Sachets and Pouches

Test CaptionDe-Packaging products from sachets and pouches by hand is slow, time consuming and un-economical. Shredding or crushing is not an efficient solution due to contamination of the recovered product.

Gypsum Recycling

Test CaptionDue to the changes in restrictions and the increase in the cost of landfill, the Gypsum Industry is looking for an alternative to handle the estimated 50,000,000m² of new build plasterboard waste generated every year.

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